Smart, innovative and effective improvements that add value to your home

As a full-service design, plan, and build firm, iCabNW can make any interior project a creative and collaborative endeavor. Interior improvements add value to your home and we help you make smart, innovative, and effective improvements.

As the client, you help us determine what the right choice is for your lifestyle and property. iCabNW will take you through the entire process: initial design, planning, engineering, building, interior design, and the finishing details of your new interior.

Innovative design, quality material choices, creative lighting, and stunning architectural details are a staple of our custom interiors. From modern to traditional, iCabNW has designed and built them all throughout Washington.

Energy Efficiency

Our staff engineer and home planner will talk with you about all of the best possibilities for energy efficiency for your location. Concrete radiant floors are one of our specialties. Solar panels for electricity and water heating are common (even in Washington). Passive solar gain through windows and skylights is an often overlooked part of green building and design. Concrete passive heat absorption can also play an integral part in your home, keeping down electrical costs.

Free Estimate

Contact us for a free design estimate on the interior of your dreams.

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