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We do custom cabinet doors

iCab Northwest specializes in custom home, remodeling, restoration, and light commercial projects.

To achieve success in all aspects of a project, iCabNW believes in creating a close partnership with our clients by understanding their individual needs and responding to those needs by sharing our professional knowledge and experience. We are service-oriented and believe follow-through is essential for a successful partnership. We take great pride in superior client service. A unique and efficient advantage to our company is that we can provide all the services related to your project: Drafting, Permitting, Plans & Documentation, Engineering, Interior & Exterior Design, Project Management, and the actual Construction. Excellent communication, project management, accurate scheduling, and cost control brings our projects in on time and on budget.

Knowledge & Experience

iCabNW has been designing and building homes in Washington since 1996.

iCabNW continuously puts their efforts into increasing its knowledgebase in an ever changing and dynamic construction industry. We pay special attention to new trends and technology, design innovations, and creative and cost-effective use of building materials. Knowledge and vast experience is vital to the selection of proper interior and exterior materials, choice of finishes, specification of mechanical systems, and understanding how all these factors affect aesthetics, style, and function.

In accepting a project, iCabNW applies many elements of design: form, scale, color, texture, function, and environment to present a solution specifically tailored to clients’ needs. We consider such issues as code requirements, health and safety, durability, maintainability, acoustics, and historical accuracy. We place significant importance on how a structure fits the site and the environment, taking full advantage of views and the natural surroundings. We make a conscious effort to incorporate light, openness, privacy, and modern comforts into spaces. For every project, we ensure money spent is a sound investment and enhances property value for the client. Residentially, we focus on realizing client vision, personalization, and customization. Commercially, we consider business identification and image, demographics of the business’s clientele, and the functionality of the facility. As an extension of the architecture, we offer interior design services in conjunction with new construction and remodeling… or as a stand-alone service.

Green Building Practices

iCabNW is a certified Energy Star™ builder and takes great care and pride in integrating energy-efficient and earth-friendly design solutions. As a green builder, iCabNW helps homeowners to conserve natural resources. We implement smart construction practices and specify systems, equipment, materials, and appliances that improve indoor air quality, energy efficiency, healthy living, and comfort.


iCabNW maintains an extensive library of materials and products. We have excellent relationships with dealers and manufacturers, locally and nationally. This allows us to conduct a broad search for appropriate products, without bias, using in-house resources and to access other resources as needed. Our office offers a one-stop resource to clients for the planning, designing, and actual construction of your entire project.

Contract Documentation

We understand that a complete and comprehensive set of construction documents benefits the project in many aspects. We convey to our clients, and craftsmen, a clear picture of the design and construction processes. A well-coordinated package minimizes the number of questions that can arise during bidding and construction, saving you time and money. Preparation of permit-ready drawings, schedules, and specifications are a critical component of the services we offer.

Local Base

Based in Seattle, WA, iCabNW is familiar with local resources and believes in collaborating with other experts to achieve a superior service level. Living and working in Washington for many years has given us a solid base in the community and a special interest developing its future. However, this does not limit us to just the Seattle. With today’s technology and our commitment to excellent communication, we are readily available and accessible to clients in any location.


We have references available if you are interested. Please see our testimonials or contact us for a list of past and present clients.


Seattle, WA

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